Carbon offset solution

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Technology for carbon offsetting

iCarbon values the tons of Co2 avoided through the production of green energy, with blockchain-based technology.

Individuals and companies can now join the carbon offset market through a system of tokens. Each tonne of Co2 avoided from green energy production, will be identified by a unique serial number embedded in a digital token. This token can be resold to polluting companies and individuals to offset their This token can be resold to polluting companies and individuals in order to offset their C02 emissions and integrate their environmental balance sheet.

Our vocation is to propose an ever more virtuous circle between the production and financing of renewable energies, the reduction of Co2 emissions and the carbon compensation of companies.

For polluting companies and individuals


The use of energy for various human activities results in significant Co2 emissions.


iCarbon is a brokerage platform for the valuation of avoided Co2 emissions for all renewable energy production sites.


The Icarbon token generated by 100% renewable energy production allows you to offset your carbon footprint.

For renewable energy producers


Our customers produce green energy and thus reduce their Co2 emissions.


The avoided Co2 is valued through the creation of Icarbon tokens, which are traded on the market by polluting companies that need to offset their emissions.


The revenue generated from this allows the financing of new green energy production facilities.

How does it work? iCarbon

The iCarbon technology allows to certify each Kwh produced by renewable energy and thus each ton of Co2 avoided. This information is recorded in the Blockchain, a register that ensures public, reliable and unforgeable information.

iCarbon can be used for microgrids, residential installations, individual systems, professional installations or energy production fields.

Compensating becomes vital

The year 2018 is estimated to be the first of many so-called "warm" years. The year 2022 is officially the warmest year on record. Our excessive consumption of fossil fuels of fossil fuels are contributing to rising temperatures and climate change

iCarbon is committed to the energy transition by enabling its clients to reduce their emissions and by financing the development of renewable energies.

How to compensate?

iCarbon allows NGOs, individuals and professionals to value their renewable energy production. Then, all polluting companies and individuals have access to a panel of carbon offsetting in Switzerland and in the world.

iCarbon is a partner of Avoltavi, a Swiss photovoltaic company. For years, Avoltavi has been installing solar panels in Europe for years and is committed to the reduction of fossil fuels. Together, iCarbon and Avoltavi offer a sustainable solution to equip homes, farmers and businesses with solar panels.

The Icarbon calculator allows you to provide the number of Co2 offsets to be acquired, to compensate for your consumption and your activity.

The iCarbon platform allows us to offer precise solutions to our customers, through a wide range of renewable energy production installations.


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